A yeti in New York


This is the illustration I completed for this weeks Colour collective. The given colour was aureolin, a slightly too bright shade of yellow which immediately made me think New York taxi. I wanted to try and draw a sea of (almost but not quite) identical yellow taxis that look like they could go on forever. All that was missing was the obligatory, forlorn, bewildered looking yeti.

The yeti drawing obsession started when drawing one in a rush for Animal Alphabets, it was probably the quickest drawing I have ever done, with just dots for eyes and a down turned mouth but It somehow had more character than most of the more ‘realistic’ drawing I had been doing. I decided I would use the yeti as an abominable device to teach myself to simplify my drawing style and learn to illustrate better. I had my yeti wondering aimlessly through various desolate landscapes in a set of yeti postcards so I would have to think what a tree, mountain, giant purple robot, yellow taxi etc. would look like in his world. I think the exercise has helped my drawing a lot and although I haven’t always been totally happy with all the drawings, I think I have been gradually working toward a style that is more consistent and feels like my own.

Next weeks given colour is Air Force blue, I’ve not yet sure where that will take my yeti.